Our client, a leading organisation in Abu Dhabi is looking to recruit a Market Research Manager.
The purpose of the role is to support the client’s research needs, whether that is analysing data sources, commissioning and managing research studies or using research analysis to advise the business.
The successful candidate will have expereince in;
•Identifying and determining the scope of research needs including research design/implementation
•Sourcing, collation and analysis of existing research data from various sources
•Analysing critical customer needs, perceptions, and behavior and market trends
•Selecting the most appropriate research methodology and techniques
•Coordinating major research programs.
•Managing online survey tools.
•Supporting understanding of sales performance and other metrics against consumer data
•Working on related marketing projects


•Academic and practical experience with a wide array of new product, brand, advertising and customer satisfaction research methodologies
•Exceptional written and oral communication
•Strong analytical skills with experience in statistical modeling and analysis
•Experience in survey design, execution and analysis
•Ability to work independently in a fast paced environment with changing priorities
•Highly motivated, flexible and adaptable nature.
•Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS/SAS

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Market Research Manager (UAE National) | Abu Dhabi, UAE

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