The Role

• Promote awareness of brand image internally and externally.

• Develop marketing materials for promotional events, Real Estate Exhibitions, and conferences.

• Gather materials and assemble information packages (e.g., brochures, promotional materials)

• Respond to all daily general media inquiries via email, phone, and/or written

• Refer requests for information from the media to an appropriate spokesperson or
information source.

• Prepare or edit letters, invitations, monthly and quarterly press reports, and news
releases, using word processing, spreadsheet, database, or presentation software.

• Support activities and initiatives to bolster the property’s reputation and image in the media and in the community.

• Make updates to property website by making changes directly to the website or by coordinating with appropriate others in order to make updates.

• Support media relations outreach efforts, including pitching ideas and events


1. Good communication, customer service and writing skills.
2. Able to communicate and present
3. Excellent organization, communication and problem solving skills.
4. Self-motivated and adaptable to be able to work with minimal
5. Good interpersonal skills.
6. Creative in Marketing

About the Company

The real estate sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a poised to grow stronger in the coming years, fueled by the Kingdom’s buoyant economy and the population growth rate. The country has a predominantly young population, and in the next 15 years will see a rapid increase in the demand for housing. It is vitally urgent for Saudi Arabia to find the right solution to meet this burgeoning demand.

In order to build comprehensive real estate projects, as urban communities, we need a global forwarding- looking vision, resourceful strategies, outstanding skills, high standards of professionalism and a true passion for achievement. That is what Injaz is all about.

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Marketing Executive | Injaz Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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