The Role

  • Responsible for marketing of Middle East Market, within three domains: Exhibition and public advertising, Website update and maintains, Social media marketing;
  • Public advertising include: Local public relationship, Printed media, online media marketing;
  • Exhibition include international and local exhibitions in Middle East countries, cooperate with HQ marketing executive to arrange all the exhibitions;
  • Website update and maintains include: Website maintains and update, under the uniform principal of HQ;
  • Social Media marketing include: Facebook, youtube, Linkedin and etc.
  • Giving weekly update on social media marketing.


  • Over 3 years marketing experience with 2 years within IT industry in Middle East Region
  • Excellent project implementation capability
  • Familiar with 3D MAX, Auto CAD, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Strong communication skill is essential

About the Company

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant, a Company’s growth potential is limited by its ability to attract enough of the right people” – James C. Collins in Good to Great.

As talent shortages grow more acute and online platforms are giving employees new mobility while allowing competitors to poach top performers more freely, managing people become a much higher strategic priority.

HR need to help increase revenue and productivity while lowering talent and HR costs to ensure profit margins don’t get eroded. Companies need to rethink people strategies, HR processes, organizational structures, workplace flexibility and human capital deployment.

To win the war for talent in the new era, deploying the same strategies is a sure way of losing, at JC & Partners we help Companies find total HR solutions that improves the bottom line while our diverse team remove cultural misunderstandings and inefficiencies so you can grow and expand your business more effectively by having the right talent for your business.

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Marketing Executive, IT | Dubai, UAE

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