The Role

•Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, partner organizations such as Advertising & Research agencies, Printers etc.
•Managing the development of marketing materials
•Writing and proofreading copy
•Contributing to, developing, and executing the marketing plans and strategies
•Monitoring competitor activities
•Conducting market visits
•Conducting in-depth sales analysis and providing recommendations
•Assisting in the execution of various marketing initiatives and promotions


– Bachelor in Marketing
– 1 Year of experience is preferred in marketing
– Results Driven (results based on specific efficiency and productivity KPIs within predefined time frames)
– Planning & Organising (Multiple priority management)
– Thinking Skills (Trend, data, events analysis to draw sound conclusions)
– Persuasive Communication (Clear, fluent concise communication, gaining agreement and commitment)

About the Company

Sunbulah Group is the continuation of a long journey that has started in 1980.

Our purpose is to provide the best quality in food processing and manufacturing, in order to meet the utmost satisfaction of our customers and consumers

Our existing facilities in Saudi Arabia have increased in size by more than 8 times since the company was formed, and our production capacity has increased by over 20 times. Moreover, through our aim to benefit from globalization, we have ventured into a new world-class production facility in Cairo, Egypt.

We are proud to say that we produce more than 400 products out of eight factories located in two countries. As market leaders and pioneers in the food industry in the region, we believe it is our responsibility to set the highest standards for the market, and expand in more products, facilities, industries, and regions to serve our customers with utmost sincerity.

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Marketing Executive | Sunbulah Group Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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