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The marketing manager plays a prominent role in guiding, formulating and executing marketing plans within and across different key products’ specific segments of Plastic, Thermosets & Chemicals. The marketing manager will have technical insight and commercial know how to negotiate the support of ideas internally and externally – making decisions based on a mixture of market factors, drawn from facts, knowledge and experience. The role requires the following functions to ensure delivery of its anticipated business targets and ultimate success of Sadara.

• Perform market research analysis to develop strategic and tactical decision-making on product placement and segmentation. Develop marketing, product and pricing strategies to create value and capture the maximum potential in the targeted MEZ market segments capitalizing on competitive advantages.

• Initiate an effective action plan to approach, secure and conclude new business successfully; by establishing customer networks within the chemical industry, to map out potential sales opportunities. Analyse sales statistics to determine business growth potential and suggest new sales leads.

• Perform media assessment and creative adaptation to contribute to the communications branding strategy that defines and guides the corporate presence on both regional and global arena. Manage, and implement the public relations strategies as defined by the MEZ region, including the identification of business opportunities for press releases, case studies, articles and feature stories for trade and business, regionally and globally. Be the primary contact for PR agencies and maintain the day-to-day liaisons vital for content in promotional opportunities.
• Develop and implement promotional and events program for MEZ markets in coordination with the communications strategy and with business objectives. Such events include tradeshows, conferences etc. A vital part of this role will be to ensure that SADARA’s external presentation is highly professional, brand compliant and both compelling and culturally appropriate for the regional market.

• Develop and coordinate information communications across internal proponents including communication of corporate initiatives and sales successes through established vehicles such as newsletters. Manage content generation for SADARA web site, ensuring alignment with other corporate web policies, business and communication strategy

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:
• Responsible for :
* Market Research
* Market Analysis
* Competitive Analysis
* Segmentation
* Pricing definition
* Branding strategy
* Collaborate with sales to promote new product sales within key accounts.
* Develop and execute new/ niche market product applications to serve demand.
* Develop along with Sales & Supply-Chain value proposition based offerings as opportunities to satisfy such demand materialize.
* Develop product specific marketing plan input part of the overall SADARA marketing plan.


* 10 or more years in marketing or sales positions in the GCC, deep knowledge of the major customers in KSA, Egypt is a plus.
* Experience and knowledge of the Chemicals industry
* Customers oriented and passionate about the field.
* Drive to maximization revenues/ profits.
* Fluency in English, Arabic is highly desirable.


• Bachelor (BS) degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Marketing. MBA is a plus.

About This Company

Sadara Chemical Company is one of Saudi Arabia’s most magnanimous and unique establishments, as it reciprocates the exclusivity of collaborating Dow’s Chemical specialization, and Saudi Aramco’s world largest crude oil reserves, and largest single hydrocarbon network .

Sadara is a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) the 2nd largest chemical manufacturer in the world, and Saudi Aramco the world’s leading integrated petroleum enterprise.Sadara represents a unique alliance between two corporate giants, two companies with shared values and distinguished leadership in their respective industries.
Saudi Aramco, one of the leading energy suppliers to the world, and The Dow Chemical Company, the leading specialty materials company in the world, have formed Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara), a joint venture that will construct, own and operate a world-scale integrated chemicals complex in Jubail Industrial City II, in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once complete, the JV’s chemical complex will represent the largest petrochemical facility ever built in one single phase. The JV and the adjoining conversion parks will establish a world-scale manufacturing footprint that delivers a full range of value-added, performance products destined for the emerging markets of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Marketing Manager | Sadara Chemical Company – Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

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