Media EYE Middle East is an established UAE-based media monitoring service whose covered territory spans the entire Pan Arab region. Due to its longstanding experience in the media monitoring market, Media EYE Middle East possesses an extensive understanding of the demands and requirements of its customers, and has therefore concocted the perfect, most comprehensive solution for every media monitoring application imaginable.

Employing sophisticated technologies – both hardware and software – and expert monitoring professionals, Media EYE Middle East is able to present a unique proposition to its clientele to gain that all-important competitive edge. Through its fully scalable systems, Media EYE can offer market-leading turnkey solutions and high-quality customer service and management.

From traditional print media produced within the region – magazines, dailies, periodicals – to the new media with worldwide reach – online news portals and publications – Media Eye’s media monitoring services encompass all significant channels that may publish or broadcast critical information about your organisation.

These articles may affect your brand’s reputation in the regional and global markets, whether positively or negatively, and it is, therefore, of utmost importance to acquire and manage this information in order to protect the health of your corporate brand.

Media EYE Middle East can help you keep a watchful eye out. By assigning the task to us, you can sit back and rest assured that your results, containing in-depth analysis of your media exposure, will be delivered online or reach your electronic mailbox in a timely manner.

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Media EYE Middle East

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