Memac Ogilvy, one of the region’s leading communications agencies, has once again demonstrated its commitment to staff development following the two-day Red Arrow Training Seminar which took place recently in Dubai. The event was attended by staff across the Agency’s 13 offices and focused on the art of communicating effectively with clients.

Red Arrow 2.0 Management, Relationship and Leadership training, developed by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, is an international training program for account managers and staff that deal directly with clients. The practical sessions help participants understand their own communication style (thinking and behaviour preferences), identify and speak to the communication styles of clients and colleagues and ultimately become a trusted advisor, learning to really influence business outcomes.

“Understanding a client’s business means more than knowing what they make, how they distribute it and how they sell it. The Red Arrow training aims to get our people as close to the needs and goals of our clients as possible by understanding the vital organ of all management and relationships: effective communications,” said Tanya Dernaika, Regional Planning Director and Training Leader at Memac Ogilvy. “It is quite a privilege to be part of such a successful global network and we are lucky to be able to learn from the best in the industry.”

The sessions were headed by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Asia Pacific senior staff, Regional Director Daniel Chng and Training & Development and Regional Executive Advisor Doug Buemi.

To date, almost 1000 staff across the Ogilvy network have benefited from the Red Arrow training sessions, ranging from account managers to managing directors. Feedback from the sessions has been overwhelmingly positive with many participants able to utilise their news skills immediately.

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About Memac Ogilvy
Memac Ogilvy started its operation in Bahrain in 1984. The company offers advertising, public relations, direct marketing, activation, planning and creative services to a large portfolio of clients through 13 offices across the Middle East and North Africa. This wide geographical coverage, along with its group of some 500 professionals, gives the company a unique insight into different segments of the Arab markets.

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Tarek Lasheen
Memac Ogilvy – Egypt
Tel: + 202 3848 0202

Memac Ogilvy holds two-day Red Arrow Training Seminar in Dubai

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