Memac Ogilvy a multinational advertising and PR agency has taken an initiative titled ‘Ana Ba7ebek ya Belady’ which translates to ‘I love you my country’. The main aim of the initiative was to promote Egypt positively to the world and therefore support the Egyptian economy by increasing the number of tourists visiting each year from all over the world.

The campaign took place on Facebook, as a photography competition, encouraging Egyptians to capture the beauty of Egypt from their points of view and invite their friends to vote for their photo.

In an aim to increase consideration of Egypt as the next vacation destination, Egyptians raced to upload photos that depict their love for Egypt, in order to showcase Egypt to the world. The campaign came to an end after 1.5 months, resulting in the participation of 27,400 people, supporting and voting for 1600 uploaded competing pictures.

The campaign was more of a story of love and reverence that unfolded when the top 15 voted photos were announced, with a celebrating event in the Memac Ogilvy garden.

“The Egyptian tourism industry is one of the pillars of the Egyptian economy. In 2010, Egyptian tourism yielded $10.76bn, in addition to employment opportunities, foreign investments and incoming foreign currency. This year and due to the current situation in Egypt, all this has been affected. That is why we must all work hand-in-hand in trying to support the Egyptian economy,” said Tarek Lasheen, PR Director Ogilvy.

‘I love you my country’, a photography competition to promote Egypt to the world and invite tourists to come visit and experience the beauty of Egypt themselves. The campaign was the debut of Memac Ogilvy’s participation in supporting the Egyptian economy and in weaving Egypt with the world, by promoting the country of history, civilization and diversification, Egypt.

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About Memac OgilvyMemac Ogilvy started its operation in Bahrain in 1984. The company is a joint venture between Middle East Marketing and Advertising Company (MEMAC) and Ogilvy Worldwide. Memac Ogilvy offers advertising, public relations, direct marketing, planning and creative services to its large portfolio of clients through 13 offices across the Middle East and North Africa region. This wide geographical coverage along with its group of over 500 professionals gives the company a unique insight into different segments of the Arab markets.

For more information, please contact:
Tarek Lasheen
Memac Ogilvy – Egypt
Tel: + 202 3848 0202

Memac Ogilvy launches ‘Ana Ba7ebek ya Belady’ tourism initiative

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