Etihad Etisalat Mobily revealed its latest packages for Blackberry service, the new ” Premium” and “Plus” packages; dedicated to its new and existing subscribers whether postpaid or prepaid, and for a fixed monthly fees with great benefits, and for a limited period.

Mobily said that the “Premium” package is unique for granting subscribers, monthly, 150 calling minutes, in addition to unlimited SMS on its network, 1 Gigabyte for internet browsing and 5 Megabytes for roaming internet. On the other hand, subscribers to the ” Plus” package will enjoy a monthly 1 Gigabyte for internet browsing and 5 Megabytes for roaming internet.

Mobily has facilitated subscription methods to any of the two new packages where subscribers who wish to subscribe to the (Premium) package can send an SMS with the word “BISP ” to 1100 , and “BIS” for those who wish to subscribe to the “Plus” package. On the other hand, for those who wish to transfer to any of either packages, they can directly send the desired package’s code without the need to unsubscribe first.

Mobily urged prepaid subscribers to make sure they have enough credit first before subscribing to any of the new packages.

For a fixed monthly fees, roaming subscribers can also enjoy the unlimited blackberry services which will keep them connected through instant calls; as well as updated with all their business progress by being able to check their emails. All they have to do is simply send BISR to 1100.

It is worth mentioning that Mobily was the first telecom company in the kingdom to offer the blackberry service to its subscribers, and it has enhanced blackberry usage for them when it earlier launched the “Mobily Applications Store” where subscribers can enjoy and benefit from the variety of applications available at the store.

Mobily launches the new Premium and Plus Blackberry packages

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