Nescafe Asks What Do You Wake Up For in Search for the Meaning of Life

What do you wake up for? It’s a very deep question if you think about it, the reason that makes you jump, or crawl, out of your bed everyday, shower, get dressed and perhaps enjoy an early cup of coffee while getting ready to go out is the reason you are alive, so what’s yours?

Apparently the Japanese summarise all of that in one word: ikigai, which means a reason for being, a reason to get up in the morning, and what a better brand to capitalise on such a concept than a coffee brand?

Nescafe is a one of my favourite brands, it’s cool, it’s close to heart and enjoys a really cool marketing approach, specially when it comes to social media. With the help of their ad agency Publicis Dubai, Nescafe launched a new campaign titled “What Do You Wake Up For” to engage coffee lovers with a conversation about life and goals.

The beauty of this campaign is how they positioned their product, they know that people consume their product to wake up and do stuff, they don’t wake up to drink coffee but use it to wake up to do something more significant, and that’s an awesome approach!

The campaigns builds on the ikigai concept through a series of videos that feature people from Okinawa in Japan; the world’s capital for living centenarians, each video feature an Okinawan describing their ikigai, then the campaign moves to the Middle East to feature locals while describing their own ikigai.

The campaign generated millions of video views on both YouTube and Facebook, as well as an endless number of tweets and instagram posts, Publicis created the NESCAFE Red Mug Twitter booth, a dispensing machine that gives people a cup of coffee with their personal reason of what they wake up for, printed on it when they share it via #IWAKEUPFOR on Twitter.

Lovely lovely campaign!

Nescafe Asks What Do You Wake Up For in Search for the Meaning of Life

Nescafe Asks What Do You Wake Up For in Search for the Meaning of Life

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