Nervora and Netlog Arabia are teaming up to power a new kind of media and advertising experience in the Middle East. Beginning October 1, 2011, Nervora and Netlog will partner on MENA region ad sales and will launch a line of immersive and virally-enabled “Social Display” ads, enabling brands to more effectively reach a local, highly engaged MENA audience.

As one of the first social properties to be launched in Arabic, Netlog Arabia draws a large and highly engaged community of local Arabs, with over 75% of users identifying themselves as nationals in their country. Today, Netlog Arabia has over 9 million Arabic users in the MENA region; nearly half of those users come from the GCC. This heavily local audience ensures that brands can form long-lasting relationships with consumers who will live in the region for years to come.

Netlog Arabia uniquely combines display advertising and social activations unlike any other platform in the region. Nervora and Netlog will offer eye-catching formats with the power of direct and enhanced consumer engagement. This is a substantial differentiator compared to other social properties that primarily only offer smaller, text- and image-based advertising. On top of traditional and rich media display ads, advertising options include high-impact social ad products, including Net Videos, Profile Skins, Brand Pages, Branded Games, and Social Polls.

Social Display ads combine the visual branding impact of display advertising with the power of real-time engagement and the viral effects of social media. Netlog users don’t just watch or click on ads, but also engage with them through a variety of social activities and features. That’s a winning combination, and Nervora will soon be releasing more details about the launch of the Social Display suite.

“Netlog Arabia is an unprecedented platform for MENA region advertisers and combines a wide breadth of options,” says Timothy Bataillie, Managing Director for the MENA region at Massive//Media. “Unlike other web destinations, Netlog offers immersive rich media display formats with a strong social component. Collectively, these display and social elements are the ‘one-two punch’ that every marketer needs to achieve his/her marketing objectives.”

Timothy notes, “Netlog Arabia partnered with Nervora due to their large collection of premium publishing partners, as well as the prowess and creativity of the Nervora Design Lab, which is a great match with the rich and flexible Netlog platform. We’re looking forward to ‘high-fiving’ regional brands and working together to launch more interesting campaigns.”

“Nervora will help brands to unlock deep, connecting experiences for all of their campaigns, powered by Netlog’s social layer,” says Shashi Menon, CEO of Nervora. “Or, as we like to say, ‘Netlog (Local Audience + Platform) + Nervora (Media + Creative) = Win.’ And winning tastes delicious.”

Shashi goes on to say, “We’re excited to have Netlog join the Nervora portfolio. They become part of an esteemed group of the web’s greatest and most influential publishing brands including sites like Wired, GQ, CNET, Vanity Fair,, Elle, Car and Driver, and many others.”

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About Nervora
Nervora is a modern media company for the Arabic web. The Dubai-based start-up is building a portfolio of the MENA region’s best verticalized digital content and pairing that with great creative, applications, and services.

Nervora represents a portfolio of some of the world’s most notable and premium digital publishers, including Conde Nast, Hachette Filipacchi, CBS Interactive, and Gawker Media, as well as popular regional sites such as As-Safir, Aaram, and now, Netlog Arabia.

With a media portfolio now reaching over 15 million people monthly, combined with some of the region’s most immersive and innovative creative executions, Nervora is an essential partner for any marketer.

About Netlog Arabia
Netlog is a social community in which members can make new friends, play casual games, publish their music playlists, share videos, post blogs, and join groups. Netlog has a localization technology ensuring that all content is geo-targeted and personalized to each member’s profile. This enables a member to have localized searches and overviews on the community, displaying only those member profiles of his or her own age range and region.

About Massive//Media
Massive Media SA is an online media group that aims to bring people together in a fun, simple and efficient way. The company is based in Ghent and runs, among others, Netlog, Twoo, Ekko and Gatcha! Netlog was founded in 2000 by Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppens. In 2007, Index Ventures and Atomico invested in the company.

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+971 50 113 7459

Netlog Arabia partners with Nervora for MENA region advertising

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