The tablet race is still raging across the Middle East, although the debates today are far more meaningful than a question of weight or color options. Consumers have an abundance of choices in exterior design, which in the end is not enough to launch a product to the top.

More and more, consumers are looking at the entirety of the tablet’s technology being aligned with their evolving user experience—or perhaps the experience they would like to have.

From this perspective, the race has become much more focused. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab—the rave of many new generation users in the Middle East. In the fourth quarter of 2010, the strong smartphone growth powered by Samsung’s mobile business concluded with high year-end demand for the Galaxy Tab.

A well-planned marketing introduction has captured user enthusiasm and the company has consistently added to the overall experience by allowing users to stay connected, informed and entertained 24/7 through more useful applications. Google’s Android operating system, used in the Galaxy Tab, recently became the most popular operating system amongst users in the United States—one of the showdown markets for the global industry.

On a regional level, the Galaxy Tab is the fastest selling Android-based tablet in a market, where Samsung sees the unit becoming a staple in consumers’ lifestyles. The device already comes fully loaded with a collection of entertaining and convenient applications. These and other downloads are available from a variety of sources such as the Android Market and Samsung Apps.
According to Ashraf Fawakherji, Head of Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy Tab’s noteworthy record is in large part because of the attention paid to the technological innovations being created everyday through these forums.

“When brainstorming and researching ideas for an app, our developers try to step back and consider the context in which the device will be used by everyday people,” comments Fawakherji. “How does the device fit into our lives and what are the situations in which we would prefer to use a tablet device versus a laptop or other mobile device?”

Galaxy Tab users have for example, access to the world’s largest digital newspaper kiosk that includes over 1,700 full-content publications in 48 languages. Middle East users can even subscribe to 30 Arabic newspapers in the region. The company’s partnership with leading game developer Gameloft, has also added significant value to the device from a gaming community hungry for on-the-go thrills. Add to that mix, two cameras, Adobe Flash Software and a Sim-card slot—you have a combination with plenty of lasting endurance.

“We live in a world where portability and accessibility allow us to live our life with very few technological limits,” adds Fawakherji. “That being said, the only real limits are the ones we put on our own imagination. It is with this mindset that Samsung engages developers, tech analysts and everyday users in realizing how today’s platforms can support the kinds of services people will want tomorrow.”

With constant global and regional demand, it’s clear that the appeal of Tablets is no longer limited to early adopters or even to advanced economies. The tablet race has become a marathon, and with a solid footing already in place, the Galaxy Tab is clearly set to last.

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New apps and advancement of Android OS puts Galaxy Tab in strong position to grow in Middle East market

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