Dubai, UAE, 09/13/2011, a new online destination for ICT entrepreneurs in the MENA, is launching in partnership with JobThread, the first online Job Listing dedicated to Entrepreneurs and Start-ups in MENA,

Ibtikarati, which means “my innovations’” in Arabic, reflects the core idea of the platform as a place for the innovation ecosystem made of entrepreneurs, developers and investors to engage with one another and participate to the development of ICT entrepreneurship and innovation in MENA. aims at helping entrepreneurs, developers, investors and start-up job seekers to get in touch with each other, providing resources and tips for entrepreneurs in MENA seeking guidance, show casing innovation be it an app, a website or a new business model and hiring talents.

By exiting its BETA phase and going public by launching an additional key feature – Job Listing for Start-ups – Ibtikarati reinforces its objective of becoming an essential online destination for entrepreneurs and start-ups which have a lot of trouble getting the attention of the MENA market as well as of young graduates over the noise of larger companies or government organizations.

Ibtikarati intends to meet the growing need for ICT innovation and entrepreneurship as the region’s broadband capacity grows rapidly and as the region needs to diversify its economies and jump on the innovation bandwagon.

At you can:

• Create profiles as entrepreneur, developer, investor, start-up job seeker
• Create your start-up profile
• Connect and contribute to the start-up community
• Showcase your start-up and your coolest innovations
• Identify MENA partners and talents
• Search the innovation ecosystem on a map
• View and add Events
• Download tips and resources such as Business Plan, NDAs, Contracts
• Share profiles, companies, events, tips on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter
• Engage directly with the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem over the ibtikarati network by receiving messages notifications, sharing content.
• Search for jobs with advanced search options that let users search by startup, job type, city, experience level and other search criteria

About Ibtikarati:
Launched in Beta in April 2011, Ibtikarati is a new online destination for MENA ICT entrepreneurs. Ibtikarati is a service provided by Mesh Venture Ltd. Ibtikarati aims to meet the growing need for ICT innovation and entrepreneurship in MENA.”

New Online Destination Launched for MENA Start-Ups ‘Ibtikarati’ Launches the First Start-Up Job Listing in MENA

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