Nokia has announced the release of the latest updates for its N9 handsets. Version 1.1 of the handset’s software provides users with diverse new features and upgrades, including full Arabic support.

The latest updates released by Nokia provide an enhanced home screen, accommodating more applications in a much simpler manner, guaranteeing users seamless and uncomplicated control of the handset through the instantaneous ability to switch between apps, media players and games, in addition to the enhanced calendar and battery monitoring.

For photography lovers, Nokia has included a new range of photo editing filters, such as grayscale, sepia, solarize and even negative effects. These new applications have been added in order to take the pleasure of photography and creativity to the next level.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is yet another component of the upgrade package, now supporting a wider range of NFC codes. In addition, Nokia has equipped N9 with a Swype keyboard to aid typing and incorporated a Twitter photo sharing feature as well.

Nokia N9 users can install the update on their handsets easily. Once connected to the internet, users will be notified on the home screen that new updates are available. To proceed with the update, all that is required is to swipe the notification and follow the steps. In case the user does not receive the notification, updates can be manually installed by following the below illustrated steps: Settings/ applications/ manage applications/ updates/ refresh.

Nokia releases upgrades for Nokia N9 handset software

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