Job Description

Love social media, making people smile, and consider yourself a digitalnative? This is the role for you. You’ll be project manager for SpaGenie, Middle East’s leading wellness resource as well as for our spas clients.


  1. Editorial duties – ensuring all blog content is top quality and consistent with the brand.
  2. Conduct research, interact with our readers, and increase web traffic on a network of blogs with engaging content.
  3. You will be in charge of churning out super high value and engaging blog posts on SpaGenie and learn how to optimize them.
  4. Producing creative copy and campaigns.
  5. Crafting direct response emailers that evoke so much emotion the reader can’t do anything but click that link.
  6. Managing platforms including Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and YouTube Channel. Stir up conversation through bslog posts, Facebook updates, articles and tweets.
  7. Communicating with fans, guest authors and subscribers.
  8. Executing Social Media campaigns and initiatives to engage the community.
  9. Researching into hot wellness and beauty niches and writing reports.
  10. Building web pages to host special content / product offers.

Desired Skills & Experience

The ideal candidate will be social media savvy, be an avid blog reader, have great interpersonal skillsand enjoys working against deadlines.

You will have:

  1. Social Media knowledge.
  2. Strong interest in new marketing trends and background in marketing.
  3. Analytics driven and highly creative.
  4. Passionate about spa, beauty, health and fitness.
  5. Excellent communication skills and English writing skills. (Arabic will be a bonus)
  6. Organizational skills.
  7. Digital native (technology is your friend, particularly WordPress)

Company Description

Spa’s are a place to relax, unwind and experience blissful body treatments. Digital marketing is the use of digital sources in the promotion of brands and products to consumers. Social media includes web-based and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals.

Now when you put all 3 together… you get Spa Genie & Salony Creations.

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Online Comminity Manager (Female) | SpaGenie – Dubai UAE

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