Oreo Produces Four Music Videos for Its ‘Wonderfilled’ Campaign

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – February 24, 2016: Oreo recently released four music videos with up and coming local artists as part of its ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign in the GCC. The brand collaborated with three musicians who sang and rapped the campaign’s jingle based on user generated lyrics, with the fourth video being a director’s cut combining all three artists.

The brand launched the ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign in the fall of last year to inspire people to use their imagination and see the world through the eyes of an innocent child again. The fully integrated campaign included three animated videos, created specifically for this market, which followed the stories of several characters and how the scenarios would change once the villains were given an Oreo.

People were then invited to submit their own ending on social media platforms to six different stories including a vampire, dragon, alien, mummy, witch, and hunter. In partnership with MBC, Oreo also sponsored 10 movies and asked viewers to imagine different twists and endings. A sketch for the best entry for each scenario was then posted on MBC.net.

Oreo decided to take the campaign even further by turning the top creative and ‘wonderfilled’ submissions on social media platforms for the dragon, vampire, and alien scenarios into music videos. By collaborating with three rising local artists including Nassim Al Saba, Flipperachi, and Daffy, the brand produced three different versions of its ‘Wonderfilled’ jingle. The videos were recently released on all of Oreo’s social media platforms for all its followers to enjoy.

“Oreo’s ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign was the start of the transformation for the brand, where it became an inspiration for people to bring out their inner child,” said Mohammed Anwar Zaman, Director of Biscuits Brands – EEMEA at Mondelez International. “We are extremely happy with the response of the Oreo enthusiasts in the region, and we hope that we were able to add some wonder into their lives.”

So far, the campaign has generated great results with over 80,000,000 Facebook impressions and around 90,000 total likes. The competition also generated traction with more than 1292 entries for the various scenarios on social media platforms. Oreo’s ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign will continue until the end of the month in the GCC region.

Oreo is one of the brands of Mondelez International, a world leader in biscuits, chocolate, gum, candy, coffee and powdered beverages. With more than $2 billion in worldwide yearly revenues, it is considered one of the most well-known brands in the region with a large fan-base in the GCC on Facebook.

Oreo Produces Four Music Videos for Its ‘Wonderfilled’ Campaign

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