It’s the time that you have to decide your situation of The Box, whether to think inside it or to break it and think outside it. Recently I got confused about where to think, The IAA tells you that you have the be a box breaker and to think outside the box; I guess you don’t any other choice than to think outside the box since you have broke it. But on the other hand I got a fax from a local training company about how to think inside the box, they event perform a comparison between thinking inside and outside the box.

I guess if they all agreed which is better to think outside or inside the box, we will have another dilemma, if thinking inside the box is better should you be laid or setting on your knees? And if it is better to think outside it, is better to be on the left of the box or on the right? What is the recommended distance? And what is the maximum distance before you start to feel dump?

As far as I know thinking is a mental activity, not physical at all but why they keep insisting on attaching it to a physical box. I have attended The Second Annual Advertising & Marketing Communication Conference – Outside The Box, organized by IAA – Jordan Chapter, but the thing is I was able to attend few sessions due to load of work, I liked 2 of them and unfortunately I missed the best one. I didn’t attend the fist one but I heard it was so much better than this years.

Organizers where trying to plant the idea of breaking the box and to think outside it, each delegate got a small black box and been asked to break it, on the stage there was a big black box where speakers step outside and start telling us about how to think outside the box.

At the end I guess that the idea is to think in new directions, try to figure out new method for you life or work, not to stick to rules and old methods and to be a “Zagger” not a “Ziggy”.

Inside the box

Outside The Box!

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