Photographs subjects, using still cameras, color or black-and-white film, and variety of photographic accessories by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Selects and assembles equipment according to subject material, anticipated conditions, and knowledge of function and limitations of various types of cameras, lenses, films, and accessories.

Views subject and setting and plans composition, camera position, and camera angle to produce desired effect.

Arranges subject material, poses subject, or maneuvers into position to take candid photo.

Estimates or measures light level or creates artificial lighting with flash units, lights, and lighting equipment.

Adjusts lens aperture and shutter speed based on combination of factors such as lighting, depth of field, subject motion, and film speed.

Determines subject-to-lens distance to adjust focus.

Positions camera and trips shutter to expose film.

Calculates variables such as exposure time, exposure interval, filter effect, and color temperature.

Makes adjustments to camera, lens, or equipment to compensate for factors such as distorted perspective and parallax.

Designs, builds, arranges, or secures properties and settings to be used as background for subject material.

Mixes chemicals, processes film and photographic paper, and makes contact and enlarged prints.

Spots and retouches prints and negatives.

– Minimum 2-3 years expereince in similar role.
– Good English.

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