The Role

1. Ensure that all direct reports acquire the competencies for effective performance in their roles, through appropriate training and professional development.
2. Optimize the use of personal and team time/effort in carrying out assigned duties, to ensure work meets agreed standards for timeliness and quality.
3. Establish marketing strategies and recommendations based on company objectives.
4. Drive a wide range of Product manger team initiatives including: new product development and launches, product portfolio and segmentation, promotional development and execution, web strategies related to product and positioning.
5. Effectively manage marketing, advertising and promotional activities for the SBU product line categories.


1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills using the English language.
2. Minimum of 5 years in Brand Management.
3. Minimum of 2 years in Supervisory position
4. Keen in details regarding brand management
5. Excellent leadership skills
6. Output oriented
7. Minimum bachelors degree in marketing, sales, business administration and other related field of studies

About the Company

The establishment of Tawuniya in 1986 was not considered a normal occurrence in the Saudi insurance market; it was the steppingstone to create a viable insurance industry in Saudi Arabia. Since its early beginnings, the Company took it upon itself to develop the Saudi insurance industry, setting standards for optimal insurance services and introducing new products that satisfy client needs, especially in the retail sector. Over the years, Tawuniya has invested heavily in the development of savvy professional Saudi insurance employees, thus raising the level of professionalism in the Saudi insurance workforce. Moreover, it has contributed to the education and awareness of the society in regards to insurance through many organized advertising and public relations initiatives. The Saudi society has sensed the value of having a national insurance company such as Tawuniya. The value is a result of providing high worth insurance services that mostly surpass international standards. The application of the cooperative insurance concept coupled with the issuance of compulsory insurance laws, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency regulating the insurance market, and financially and technically able companies entering the market bringing with them increased competition have created a new era full of challenges. Therefore, in 2004 Tawuniya introduced a new mission that is aligned with the new era, and developed new strategies and business plans with clear timely objectives. The strategies and plans concentrate on improvements in customer service, fulfilling customer needs with new products, and improving the internal working environment. These factors put together make Tawuniya the insurer of choice and the employer of choice.

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Products Manager | Tawuniya Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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