Being Market Leaders in their sector, this blue chip organization are growing at a rapid rate within the Middle East and the team is also growing. to imitate their success, but still they remain at the
top of their industry’s leader board.

They have achieved this through innovation, but more importantly due to their determination to provide both an enjoyable culture and real opportunities to the best people in their business.


We are seeking an experienced Project Manager who will be able to spearhead the company’s new strategy, lead, develop and manage the private insurance partnership through defining strategic objectives and cascading these to the business plans and ensuring excellent execution.

You will need to be a dynamic and driven individual that will be able to work independently and represent the company and build strong lasting relationships within the Healthcare sector.

This role will allow you to work independently so having an entrepreneurial mind set will set you in good stead to be successful in this challenging role.

This role will be extremely competitive, and the requirements below will be in no way flexible.

Please ensure you have all of the below before applying
• Must have at least 8 years Business experience/project Management
• Must have Sales/Commercial Leadership skills
• Must be outgoing yet professional and must have excellent communication skills.


University Degree

Company Profile

The Gulf Recruitment Group specializes in Finance, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Construction and HR recruitment. Serving the GCC and MENA Region.

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Project Manager – Health Insurance | Gulf Recruitment Group Dubai, UAE

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