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Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Make suggestion of potential products to meet customers’ preferences;
2. Collect and deliver promotional materials;
3. Go to trade shows, stores to introduce about the products and answer customers’ questions;
4. Contact local enterprises to establish business relationship with them;
5. Develop a list of loyal and potential customers from various sources such as newspaper, internet, etc.;
6. Maintain the order of the promotion locations and returns them in their original conditions;
7. Make presentation about the products;
8. Prepare various presentations and materials to address various groups of customers;
9. Use visuals such as charts, tables… to demonstrate about the products;
10. Offer product samples, coupons, brochures, leaflets and other promotional materials to potential customers/visitors;
11. Prepare reports on the questions raised by potential customers/visitors and the number of coupons, sample products, brochures… to be delivered;
12. Research carefully about the products to prepare for the presentation;
13. Sell promotional products and keep sales records;
14. Display the promotional store to attract the attention of potential customers/visitors;
15. Write promotional messages for products.


Good negotiation, presentation and planning skills.

Good spoken and written Arabic and English languages.

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