Publinet Group, a reputable agency that has grown into a multifaceted publicity network in just under a decade with nine companies across the region, has announced the launch of the innovative new initiative, Spark*.

Ahmad Itani, Managing Director of Spark*, says, “The best ideas are often the simplest. They come from not being afraid to share a thought or ask a question because it seems crazy. That’s where Spark* came from; we started to ask, ‘why?’, ‘why not?’, ‘what if?'”

Local talent and understanding is what built the UAE into the iconic destination it is today. Drawing from this generation of inquisitive minds – born and bred in the region and thoroughly conversant in its cultural nuances – Spark*s distinct flavour is what makes each message culturally relevant while universally understood.

Itani adds, “This is a culture of fanatics – in fact it’s a prerequisite for the job. Writers that are crazy about writing, social media experts that are geeks, organisers that will stay up till 4am for an event, designers that don’t use templates; people that love their jobs because they are curious about how far they can push their limits and how much more they can achieve.”

Building valuable partnerships that grow through mutual benefit. Why not go beyond set pricelists and proposals and charge for results: you win, we win. As a team, let’s find out how we can use modest budgets to produce big budget results, and how far a brand can grow given the proper time, thought and passion.

To assess, diagnose and prescribe ways to make it all better. Maybe your campaign isn’t culturally sensitive enough, maybe you’re not approaching the right people, maybe your receptionist just doesn’t smile – whatever it is, Spark* pinpoints the challenges and comes up with tangible solutions.

Spark* uses all the resources under its wing, to offer a 360° solution that focuses on addressing business problems. It believes in results, and is willing to put its fees where its mouth is.

“Practically speaking, Spark* is more than an agency or a one-stop marketing shop. It’s a place that invokes the inquisitive and is ruled by curiosity, to Spark* your attention and your audiences’ as well,” concluded Itani.

Publinet Group launches Spark* initiative in Dubai

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