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The Regional Reporting Officer is responsible for the production – researching, drafting and formatting – of the narrative part of ICRC’s funding proposals and reports to the European Commission (EC), and in particular to (European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO). These documents are coordinated and produced by the Donation Unit (REX_DON5) in the External Resources Division in Geneva. They aim at raising funds from the EC and to report in a transparent and accountable manner on programs supported by the EC.

The Regional Reporting Officer based in Amman is responsible for writing the narrative part of ICRC’s funding requests, interim and final reports for ECHO and / or other European Commission (EC) Departments, ensuring that the level of information provided is coherent across operations and takes into account ICRC’s long-term interests and relationship with the EC.
The position covers mainly, but not exclusively, ICRC programs supported by the EC in the delegations of the Middle East (NAME) and of South Asia (SOUC)

The Regional Reporting Officer is required to seek out relevant information in internal documents/reports (from headquarters and field delegations) and summarize it to present the ICRC’s analysis, assessment, objectives, programs and activities in a synthesized, coherent and readable form for consumption of EC/ECHO. All texts are to be written in English, although source materials may be in French.


• Stay informed of the ICRC’s policies and approaches, and its activities in the contexts in question;
• Collect relevant information in internal documents/reports from ICRC HQs and field. Summarize ICRC’s analyses, approach, needs assessment, objectives, activities, results and outcomes for one or several specific actions/programs in a coherent and readable way, based on a given format (i.g. ECHO’s e-tool or template of EC’s Department for Development and Cooperation);
• In coordination with REX_DON5, complete missing information through direct contacts with concerned file holders (heads of sector in Geneva, protection and assistance coordinators in the field), and submit draft documents to the program file holders for completion when necessary. Conduct briefing sessions for new ICRC colleagues concerned by EC contracts, requirements and policies;
• In coordination with concerned Heads of Delegation and / or file holders/program responsible, participate in meetings with EC representatives when opportune;
• When required, travel to the concerned delegations in order the get first hand information on the spot;
• Other reporting tasks: the management of the ICRC delegation in Amman, or any other ICRC delegation in the region, and in coordination with the REX_DON 5, may require ad hoc reporting support for other than EC files.
• Establish and maintain contacts with EC/ECHO regional program coordinators and/or country experts


• Writes mission reports based on given guidelines when travelling to a third country;
• Writes minutes of meetings when relevant;
• Ensures implementation of necessary administrative work
• Registers and treats information accurately
• Applies the security rules at all times


The Reporting Officer is part the REX_DON5 Unit led by the Head of Unit based in Geneva, who reports to the Head of the External Resources Division (REX_CHF) in Geneva. The External Resources Division is part of the Department of Financial Resources and Logistics at ICRC headquarters.


• University degree or equivalent
• Excellent written English communication
• Very good oral and written understanding of French
• Excellent Computer skills
• Confirmed working experience with a humanitarian organization
• A Red Cross experience in assistance and/or protection activities and/or an experience with project design with Red Cross / Crescent and/or an NGO is an advantage

• A broad interest in operations and wider institutional programming as well as a general interest in humanitarian issues
• Capacity to synthesize and adapt documents for user’s needs
• Flexibility in respect to the setting of priorities and traveling in the region ( up to 3 month)
• Strong sense of cooperation with a variety of program responsible
• Very good organizational skills
• Ability to work independently, rapidly and at times under time pressure


University Degree

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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance. It directs and coordinates the international relief activities conducted by the Movement in situations of conflict. It also endeavours to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.
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Regional Reporting Officer | The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – Amman, Jordan

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