Supervise the development of designated experimental trials with an ability to design an effective series of experiments and validation of method development while being intimately in contact with R&D Manager for discussion.

* Provide supportive measures that indicate the success and performance of the developed formulation, process or procedure.

* Review, results from large quantities of experimental trials and give opinion for further proceeding

* Team leader for transfer of scale-up technology to pilot plant manufacturing site and quality control/ quality assurance department.

* Responsible for reporting to R&D Manager progress of work in the relevant field of different sections

* Supervising the ongoing investigations concerning uprising problems or re-development of a product, and supervising the activities of the formulation development laboratory.

* Supervision of maintenance tasks of laboratory instruments and equipment including working instructions manuals & records, logbooks, calibrations and preventive maintenance requirements while reporting to R&D Manager any inconsistencies occurring and also any suggested necessary requirements.


A significant experience in R&D formulation is a must.


Bsc. degree in pharmaceutical science.

Company Profile

EVA Pharma:

• Is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region growing at rate of more than 50% CAGR for the past seven years.
• Today, EVA Pharma is transforming from a very successful local company to a world class multinational organization, establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Algeria and Sales and Marketing operation all over the MENA region.
• EVA Pharma has a rich history of excellence; EVA Pharma’s predecessor, Les Laboratoires Delta, was the second pharmaceutical company Egypt and is the innovator of breakthrough products as Urosolvine (reg. year 1949) that still sells millions of units till this day.
• EVA Pharma today is one of the top ten companies in Egypt surpassing many well known multinational and local companies.
• Eva Pharma strives to be the top pharmaceutical company nationally and one of the top three in MENA region by 2016. One of top 20 pharmaceutical companies globally by 2029.

EVA Cosmetics:

• Eva Cosmetics is one of the leading manufacturers of skin care and hair care products. It has its own manufacturing facilities in 6 October city. It has developed a comprehensive range of products to meet the varying demands of its clientele. Eva Cosmetics is renowned as a leading supplier of quality products throughout Egypt.
• Eva Cosmetics is the Market Leader in most of the personal care products categories in Egypt and its products are exported to more than 13 countries worldwide.
• EVA Cosmetics manufacturing facility is a s state-of-the-art facility compliant to cGMP regulations on a 40,000 square meter plot of land in 6th of October City.

EVA Pharma and EVA Cosmetics are 2 separate companies under the umbrella of Armanious Group.

Armanious Group (AG) is a proud 100% Egyptian group of 6 companies that is focused on health care products.

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Research and Development Section Head | EVA Pharma / EVA Cosmetics Cairo, Egypt

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