After the BlackBerry Tag announcement during GITEX, Research In Motion made its second global announcement from Dubai when it revealed the BlackBerry P’9981 during an event that was held in the 442-meter high At.mosphere Restaurant in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, great news for Dubai and BlackBerry team in the Middle East!

The new phone, which was designed by Porsche Design, is expected to hit the market by end of this year at an estimated price of $2000. The P’9981 is a bit similar to the Bold 9900 as it combines touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard, the shape is very similar as well, the P’9981 feels ab out the same in your hand as the 9900 does, only it’s more luxurious and sophisticated.

You can read more about the new BlackBerry P’9981, alos don’t miss the demo and interview we’ve done during the launching event in Dubai:

BlackBerry P’9981 specs:
– 1.2 GHz processor
– HD video recording, 24-bit high resolution graphics, and advanced sensors enabling new augmented reality applications
– 8GB of on-board memory, expandable up to 40GB with a micro SD card
– Operating System: BlackBerry 7
– Liquid Graphics™ technology
– NFC supported (Near Field Communications)

Research In Motion & Porsche Design reveal the new BlackBerry P’9981 from Dubai

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