September 17, 2014

Research Manager - Female | CADRE Economic Cities - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Job Description

-Assist in developing new project applications and research proposals
Participation in design work conceptualising new directions user-centered interactive applications and digital communications
- Developing research and project road maps / plans
- Initiating and evolving collaborations and networks with academic, institutional and commercial partners
- Planning and coordinating travel, arrangements and accommodations
- Planning and coordinating meetings, research events and brainstorms
- People, work-hour and project progress management
- Research Project reporting and communication (preparing presentation materials, online media dissemination, newsletter writing)
- Participation and planning of field work, user-experience studies and design prototyping work
- Desk research and bibliography preparation
- Purchases and acquisitions of research related materials and equipment
- Attending and reporting on meetings, conferences and symposia
- Academic writing assignments


• 5 – 7 years experience in similar position.
• Excellent communication skills.
• English written and speaking.
• Computer literate.

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