Job Description


Researchers are required to search, discover, interpret and develop systems to improve human knowledge in various matters. They are responsible for every new discovery related to scientific issues and other areas. Researchers are always analysing various topics, obtaining new data to interpret. For instance, they may help in education area finding new methods of learning and improving the overall system.

• Meeting with clients to arrange new projects.
• Outlining objectives.
• Managing discovered data.
• Creating detailed reports for results presentation.
• Advising customers how to improve their methods.


• Having analytical abilities.
• Having skills to see trends and patterns.
• Being a leader to motivate other members.
• Being persistent and self-confident
• Having teamwork abilities.
• Being resourceful and creative.
• Being flexible.
• Being able to work under pressure.
• Having good math and literacy abilities.
• Having competent use of computers.

# Education:

It is recommended to have Bachelor degrees related to financial, business and management topics. Other recommendation is to have a specialist postgraduate qualification or an MBA.

# Job-Specific Skills:

– Working Overtime may be required in order to meet project deadlines.
– Travel may be required in/out KSA.

– Joining Date: Immediate.

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Researcher Ministry of Labor | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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