The DV300F is a 16.1-Megapixel 5X-Zoom Dual-LCD Smart Camera from Samsung, the point-and-shot camera enables you to share your photos and videos to your social networks and smartphone, it also offers a lot of pre-defined filters as well as manual tuning capabilities, in addition to a photo editor on-board, have a look at the camera and some of its features in this video:

Connectivity and Sharing
The DV300F is equipped with built-in WiFi that connects the camera to other devices including smartphones and computers, which allows you to share photos and videos to your social networks, as well as sending them through email, you can also transfer your files to smartphones, computers and clouds for storage purposes, or play back them on different devices like a TV. The Remote ViewFinder is another WiFi-based feature where you can use your smartphone to control the camera and snap photos remotely.

The camera supports sharing photos and videos Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and Photobucket, and with the use of the virtual keyboard, you can add comments and descriptions when you share your files to your networks. The camera doesn’t support some popular networks including Twitter, Pintrest, Tumbler and Flickr, it also doesn’t support sharing larger video files.

Samsung DV300F Smart Camera

Front LCD
We all try to take self-portrait photos but it doesn’t always come the way we’re expecting, this camera has a small LCD screen in the front so that you can see how the photo is going to look like, pretty useful. The front screen has other uses, if you are trying to get your child to smile for the camera, the DV300F plays a video that can bring some joy to the little ones. Another situation where the front screen can be useful is when are trying to shoot people while they jump, the screen will display a countdown followed by an arrow that tells people to jump, at that point the camera will snap 3 consecutive photos, or it can an animated GIF file.

The front screen is designed to work for three features; Self-Shot, Children and Jump Shot, but it can be activated at any point by pushing the “F.LCD” button, the one next to the power button.

Samsung DV300F Smart Camera

Filters and Scenes
If you are not a fan of setting up your camera manually, you can choose from a selection of pre-defined scene-modes; from sunset to dawn, to landscape and beach, to close-up and night shots. In addition, you can choose from a list of filters that can some interesting effects to your camera like Miniature, Vignetting, old film, fisheye, cartoon, sketch and more. Some of these filters are available for video shooting as well.

But you still have the option to tune the camera manually for both still and video shooting, you can play with the Exposure Value, White Balance, Focus, Metering, ISO and more.

Samsung DV300F Smart Camera

I shot this video of Dubai Fountain using the Samsung DV300F

Photo Editor
The DV300F offers a photo editor that helps in fine-tuning your photos, you change the brightness, contrast and saturation, you can as well do some retouches to the face or fix the red-eye. But the beauty of the editor is that you can add some of the above mentioned filters to your photo, and then save a copy and keep the original.

The DV300F is my travelling buddy now, it enjoys lots of capabilities, it shoots good videos and great photos, and it fits in my pocket!

The left side of the photo, marked with X, was edited using the Face Retouch feature in the photo editor

Salalah Oman

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Sunset in JBR Dubai using the Sunset Scene

The Old Film Filter

Small House, Big Satellite

The Empty Quarter Desert

Reviewing the DV300F Smart Camera from Samsung

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