Romania challenges Britain in a Brilliant Ad Campaign!

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This got to be Campaign of the Year! I love comebacks, specially when it’s through an ad campaign. The UK government decided to run a campaign targeting Eastern Europeans with a missing to make the country less appealing to them, the campaign was titled “You won’t like it here!” I remember reading about the campaign, which I think is shameful.

Romania decided to respond, well, it was the Romanian newspaper Gandul, however the campaign became more of an image campaign for the country, making Romania very appealing to Brits through humor messages that were based on facts.

I love it! Way to go Romania!

Advertising Agency: GMP Advertising, Romania
Creative Director: Mihai Gongu
Senior Art Director: Alina Zaharescu
Account Directors: Catrinel Manolescu, Simona Firtat
General Manager: Felix Tataru
PR Executive: Alexandra Rus

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