SAE Institute Dubai has announced that it will be starting a new game development course this November in line with the growing regional demand and interest in this ever evolving creative media segment.

“The gaming industry has seen massive growth in the past few years with the continuous introduction of new platforms. From smart phones and casual, indie internet games to big budget AAA games from some of the leading publishers around the globe, gaming is not just for hardcore gamers anymore. The medium has numerous different applications these days and the regional talent is bursting with ideas and we’re here to provide them with a platform to bring their ideas to life,” commented Predrag Toncev, Campus Manager at SAE Institute Dubai.

Industry leaders have also applauded the introduction of this new course, May El Husseiny, Head of Marketing at Sony Gulf PlayStation division commented, “We regularly receive and encourage requests from game developers wanting to develop games for our platforms. We have supported Quirkat, a Jordan based game development studio, with Basha Collection, the first Arabic card games that made its way to PSN. This course now given by SAE is a great milestone for gaming in the region, allowing more creative minds to enter the industry and enhance the skills of existing game developers. We are very excited to witness this and truly encourage game lovers to come up with new and creative game ideas.”

In line with their ongoing degree programmes, the Game Development course will offer a comprehensive mix of theoretical and hands-on knowledge, giving graduates all the tools necessary to start their journey of creation.

Along with the basic mechanics of object oriented programming, 3D modelling, mathematics for programming. game level, system and communication design the degree programme will also offer more conceptualisation relevant modules such as narrative and character development and script and story boarding to ensure a well rounded understanding of what goes into a compelling game.

“We want to see the next generation of game developers to be from the region, we want to be playing the next console game and see one of our graduates on the credit list, this is and has always been our goal when it comes to any of our degree programmes – our part of the world has the talent and it is time they had the tools here to prove what they are capable off,” added Toncev.

SAE Institute Dubai announces new Game Development Degree programme for fourth quarter of 2012

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