The SAE Institute Dubai, the foremost creative media educator in the world, today announced the launch of a comprehensive iPhone programming course, featuring an intensive 14-weeks of iPhone 360 application development hands-on training.

Focused on smart phone technology, the course is the manifestation of an earlier iPhone Development information seminar by SAE that generated considerable numbers of enquiries.

This in-demand course allows students to program and update iPhone applications. Previous programming experience is not compulsory as students will learn the essentials of Objective C Programming and iPhone / iPod Touch application programming along with the business model of the Apple App. Store.

Additionally students will learn about preparation of their product for Apple’s App Store submission and taught the key areas of what Apple app. review process entails.

Upon completion of the course students can expect to have accomplished the following outcomes:
• Demonstrate the understanding of the fundamentals of Objective C Programming.
• Demonstrate the ability to code and fix Objective C applications.
• Demonstrate the ability to create a simple iPhone application.
• Demonstrate the understanding of the iPhone SDK.
• Demonstrate the ability to prepare the application for submission.
• Demonstrate the understanding of the Apple App Store review process.

Throughout the course, students will continue submitting a number of prescribed practical projects as well as undertake a substantial project within the guidelines set by SAE Institute Dubai. The course is scheduled to commence on 7 February, 2010.

The SAE Institute provides creative media education in four streams – Filmmaking, Animation, Audio Engineering and Multimedia including latest Digital Journalism. SAE is also an authorised training centre for Apple Computers.

SAE Institute Dubai launches 14 week course on iPhone 360 application development

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