Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading mobile phone provider, announced the launch of Galaxy Pro smartphone. Featuring Samsung’s integrated Social Hub Premium and the dual-input control via a touch-screen and full Qwerty keyboard, the Galaxy Pro is a partner for users’ smart life. The Samsung Galaxy Pro is available now across GCC countries.

Samsung Social Hub Premium gives one-touch access to all of the user’s emails, instant messages and social networking accounts; coupled with the speed and control of the Galaxy Pro’s dual-input interface, the user has the ability to stay on top of his work and social lives. Powered by the Android 2.2 “Froyo” platform, the Galaxy Pro also gives the user access to over 150,000 apps on Android Market.

“The Samsung Galaxy Pro is a good Arabic supporting device for professionals looking to manage their busy work and social lives,” said Ashraf Fawakherji, General Manager of the Telecommunications Group at Samsung Electronics. “When you want to get ahead – and stay ahead – of the game, you want a smartphone that can give you the edge. With immediate access to your work and social communities via Social Hub Premium, and the endless application experiences afforded by Android Market, the Galaxy Pro gives you that edge.”

The Galaxy Pro is equipped with the “Think Free” Office Document Editor, allowing you to view and edit MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on-the-move. This also makes the Galaxy Pro more effective and productive in the workplace. In addition, the Galaxy Pro’s 800Mhz processor enables users to enjoy very fast browsing, access to files and email downloads.

Social Hub Premium

Samsung Social Hub Premium is the ideal solution for users who constantly juggle their work and personal communications, manage multiple social networks and receive high volumes of messages and emails. To simplify the user’s life, the Social Hub Premium brings together all of his email, SNS and IM accounts to a single spot, giving him instant access to his communications. Check Twitter feeds and Facebook updates, answer emails from his boss and text friends all from his central contact list. Also, Samsung Apps offers the Whats App application, a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

Applications & Services

Powered by the Android 2.2 “Froyo” platform, the Galaxy Pro gives users access to over 150,000 high-quality apps and services from Android Market. This means that you can customize your Galaxy Pro with the applications to suit your smart life. Download the latest games to keep you entertained on your commute, use maps and location-based services to get you to your meetings in good time and manage your news feeds to be better informed than the competition.

Dual-Input control

With the Samsung Galaxy Pro’s dual-input combination of a touch-screen and Qwerty keyboard, users are equipped to react, respond or reply in double-quick time. For swift, accurate typing, the Qwerty keyboard provides desktop-computing accuracy. For intuitive ease-of-use, the touch-screen gives fingertip control. Together, they provide a swift, enhanced user experience capable of keeping pace with users’ busy life.

Ensuring that users can share their experiences with all of their networks, the Samsung Galaxy Pro is equipped with a 3.0 Megapixel camera for still image or video capture. Pictures can be viewed on the clear and bright 2.8″ display before being uploaded online. WiFi and Bluetooth support ensures users can stay constantly connected and ready to share.

The Galaxy Pro will be available in all major retail outlets.

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Samsung launches Galaxy Pro in GCC countries

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