STC, recently, introduced BlackBerry Curve Orlando 9380, featuring a slim design and a touch-functioning full screen, for the first time among the series of Curve sets, with a package of monthly BlackBerry for current and new customers, for the first time, too, starting of the date of purchase.

The step comes to assert STC leadership in the market of smart telecommunication of services and products of, to focus on providing the Saudi market with up-to-date smart innovative products, and to give its customers an edge to be the first to acquire up-to-date brand new sets. 

The phone features a soft-ware of BlackBerry 7, a touch-functioning full screen, a key pad functioned by the amazingly easy to use famous QWERTY, 5MG Pixel Camera with high-resolution video-recording, backed by an external-memory of microSD, Bluetooth 2.1 in addition to an immediate chat property, due to the BBM feature and with more fast and effective surfing of websites.

STC, on the other hand, and Canadian Research in Motion have announced, recently, a bilateral partnership to provide a wider set of smart contents, applications and solutions for BlackBerry users in the Kingdom.

The Strategy is targeting exchange of expertise in order to promote mutual interests as well as to provide customers with the up-to-date sophisticated technologies and services.

Saudi Telecom Co launches BlackBerry Curve Orlando 9380

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