Seed Robotics Introduces Smart Presence System Beam Pro in the UAE

UAE, May 2015: Seed Robotics operating under LPL Group in Dubai is launching the new smart presence system called Beam Pro in the region. The award winning remote presence system is a communication tool that enables you to reach and interact effectively across multiple locations.

Beam Pro is the next generation device which goes beyond traditional video conferencing products, with robotic features that has the freedom of full mobility without the limitations of wiring. The combination of unrestricted motion and video conferencing provides a rich, immersive experience that connects people in ways no other tool can offer.

The state of art technology can be used in various organizations such as healthcare, education, global and international companies allowing their employees to meet and participate even if they are miles away. Beam pro is easy, safe and fun to use which enables you to be available for your acquaintances anytime of the day.

The new telepresence system is the market’s most effective and reliable solution for remote presence. Providing freedom of mobility over Wi-Fi or cellular 4G LTE connections along with excellent visual quality facilitates advanced communication for business professionals and frequent travelers. Managed through software downloaded to your PC or laptop, the robotic featured Beam Pro can be controlled by touch of a button from your keyboard. The system can also be connected via cellular mobiles through personal hotspot of a smart phone.

Seed Robotics Introduces Smart Presence System Beam Pro in the UAE

Start beaming today with this revolutionary technology allowing you to stay connected and experience the future of the art of travelling.

Ludovic Loffreda the CEO of LPL Group states the role of Beam Pro in the market by saying “Beam goes beyond video conferencing technology enabling users to travel instantly to remote locations especially for those who can’t travel or are constantly called away on business. We are honored to introduce a product with a Grand Award for its recognition in the Hardware category from Popular Science that allows anyone around the world to be present and participate, regardless of where they are physically located. In other words it is for professionals who would like to get things done. This revolutionary product will be changing the daily communication of many lives and will remove any physical boundaries”. Beam Pro devices are available to be purchased form LPL Group offices in Dubai.

LPL Group manages 13 interconnected companies operating in media, wellness, beauty, insurance, communication, design, software, food, social network and childcare industries.

Seed Robotics Introduces Smart Presence System Beam Pro in the UAE

LPL Group:
Created by the entrepreneur Ludovic Paco Loffreda in 2008, LPL Group succeed to develop and to adapt to the continuously changing Emirati market environment. Its avant-gardism and its leadership are strengths for LPL Group.
Proof of that today: LPL Group manages 13 of interconnected companies located all over the Gulf region. Its seriousness and its perfect command of the market enables, to LPL Group, to represent several internationally renowned brands.

Thanks to its ambition, the group is also developing ambitious projects through small and medium enterprises in several fields. LPL Group has therefore developed as a strong community of entrepreneurs creating business opportunities and moving forward hand in hand.

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