Role Purpose :
The Senior Corporate Communication Specialistis responsible for developing a strategic communication plan, promoting and sustaining a strong corporate image including creating opportunities for positive media coverage.He/she will play a basic role in “employee branding” working to enhance an organization’s internal culture and image.

Key Responsibilities :
Organizes activities for internal employees. Improves internal communications through staff newsletters, sharing news, the internet and intranet sites. Develops internal communication objectives andidentifies the mostsuitable audience. Plans and decides what to communicate to the internal audienceand the best mediums to use. Examines the media for issues that affect the organization. Facilitates communication across different branches, departments and countriesof the Group. Writes and produces communication and promotional tools such as newsletters, leaflets, press releases, greeting cards, corporate gifts… Keeps employee and clients up- to-date with company news. Maintains and updates the organization’s website. Tracks corporate and internal communication budgets. Promotes the corporate image and improves the public perception of the company.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:
* Bachelor’s degree in Communications or equivalent.* 3 to 4 years experience in corporate communications, public relations, event management or Journalism. * Active team player, confident, creative and resourceful.* Excellent planning and organizational ability.* Fluent in written and spoken English.* Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills

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Senior Corporate Communication Specialist | Azadea Group Beirut, Lebanon

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