Job Description

• Making every effort to maximize both present and long term sales and gross profits.
• Keeping face-to-face contact with the customers and stay current on financial data and company products.
• Achieve forecasted sales targets.
• Constructively handle (or supervise the handling of) all customer complaints.
• Prepare in advance and conduct regular sales meetings with customers.
• Assist the company in enhancing the selling process whenever needed.


1. 5-7 years of experience in selling IT products/services.
2. Experience with enterprise software solutions and large, complex organizations.
3. Extensive experience in all aspects of Supplier Relationship Management.
4. Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.
5. Willingness to travel and work in a global team of professionals.
6. Proven leadership and ability to drive sales teams.
7. Able to operate in a fast-paced and changing market environment.
8. Professional background of financial markets/products is a big plus.

About This Company

KnowledgeNet is a group of high-tech companies that currently has three ventures:

TradeNet: integrated order management system that automates the full cycle from order capture to settlement, covering the functionality of front, middle and back office as well as multiple customer channel applications. TradeNet is backed up by 11+ years of STP experience working live in 5 countries (Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Egypt) with fully automated multi market multi-currency more than 50 customers in the GCC and MENA region.
Datability: specialized, technology-independent portal and data solutions provider offerings implementation services of data integration, cleansing, migration, and warehousing. Datability, Pioneer in data technology and consultancy services, 10+ years’ experience in data technology, 30+ years’ experience in IT Solutions, 40+ certified and very skilled resources, Industry-broadest partnership & community for data solutions, we speak the language, many happy customers in KSA in (Teleco, finance, utility and public sector).
PropertyNet: brokerage network connecting the sell-side companies in the Arab World, offering order routing in addition to other services required by member firms. PropertyNet: brokerage network connecting the sell-side companies in the Arab World, offering a one stop management system for real estate developers.

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Senior Sales Account Manager | KnowledgeNet – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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