Sex on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

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Dubai is a multiethnic city, you can possibly meet people from all nations of the world, and due to this diversity the city is struggling to maintain its Arabic identity, English is the main language in many aspects, dressing is more liberal than the rest of Gulf countries, and perhaps other Arab countries, the whole atmosphere makes feel that you are not in Arab country.

But somehow you can sense that Dubai is trying to maintain a conservative image through rules and regulations that enforce public decency; no kissing or hugging in public, clothes are not supposed to be too short, too tight or a bit transparent, night clubs and discos close doors around 2 am, even hookers are controlled in away.

I blogged once about an internal memo regarding dressing code at the Road & Transportation Authority in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai witnessed two recent incidents where expats caught while they were engaged in sexual intercourse with tourists in public, alcohols were the reason in both cases, and of course results were too ugly.

At the end I believe people should respect cultures they exist in, Dubai is an amazing city and it allows you do whatever you want but if it’s not acceptable to do it in public, just don’t! Do it at your place, I’m sure you have one!

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  • Yazan

    Public Sexual intercourse is not accepted in western countries either.
    It has nothing to do with an ‘Arabic Identity’.

  • Samer Marzouq

    I assume that make-out in public is acceptable in western countries, unlike Arab countries.

  • Blacksmith Jade

    Hehe, this doesn’t really reflect my opinion on this discussion but I thought it would be fun and funny to disprove (or at least provide an exception to) Yazan’s comment … enjoy:

    (that story made me crack up!)

  • Samer Marzouq

    Jade, OMG!

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  • http://nthing salih

    diz z inbliveble ,,, emarat iz a islamic cuntry y dat people doin sex in jumairah beach .. ma opinion z want rule sme like soudi arabia …………..