Job Description

>Overall efficient management of operations in the store to achieve maximum output and profitability in all functions
>To develop and implement strategies to maximize sales and ensure optimal company profitability and growth
>Keep abreast of developments in retail sales area and initiate improvement of the business
>Ensure that customer service standards support the financial / business targets and objectives
>Control the overall financial transactions in the showroom on daily basis
>Be customer oriented & able to absorb all type of customers complaints at anytime
>Protect the showroom assets
>Maintain a 100% continuously clean environment within the showroom
>Maintain an attractive visual merchandising display in the showroom
>Take all required measure to achieve the showroom monthly targets


>Have an acceptable computer knowledge (Ms office and ERP systems)
>Bilingual with good command over Arabic and English.
>Proven past experience for not less than 3 years in similar post
>Sales skills
>Excellent communication, leadership skills and sound judgment
>Able to Multitask and Result Oriented

About This Company

Mission Statement
Our goal is as high as our interior design standards. We simply
want our well designed services to achieve the highest levels
to satify our top-notch clients
Values Statement
We value honesty, openness, personal excellence, fullfledged
thinking, commitment to planning, extraordinary
attention to detail, creativity and resourcefulness, flexibility
and adaptability, delivery on promises and mutual respect.
we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and
integrity and have a passion for interior design. In discharging
our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical
shortcuts. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves
on seeing them through.
Vision Statement
To be recognized and respected as one of the premier
companies of interior design professionals

دسار… بيت عامر بالأفكار
دسار العربية للمقاولات ، إحدى كبرى الشركات السعودية المعروفة. تأسست عام 2005 لتبرع
بإنجاز أرقى التصاميم الداخلية لقصور وفلل ومكاتب أعيان المجتمع، وتجمع بين الذوق الرفيع الذي لا يجارى والجودة
العالية التي لا تبارى. وقد قامت دسار حتى اليوم بإنجاز العديد من تصاميم القصور الداخلية في الرياض وجدة، إضافةً
إلى الفلل والفنادق والمكاتب والمحال التجارية الراقية. وتتميز دسار بتوفير أعلى جودة وأحدث تصاميم من الخزائن
والأرضيات الخشبية الفريدة بفنّها، فضلاً عن المفروشات الخلابة برقيها،
وذلك باعتمادها ثلاثاً من أهم شركات المفروشات العالمية التي تصوغ منتجاتها صياغة الأيادي الموهوبة لمجوهراتها،
وهذه الشركات هي:
Hulsta, Rolf Benz and Parador، Bisazza, and Alexturco
دسار تأتيك بتصاميم تترك العقل في احتيار، ثم تضع رونق لمساتها فتجعل بيتك عامراً بالأفكار

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Showroom Sales | Desar – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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