One of the many findings in Integral-OMG’s latest white paper, produced in partnership with Resolution and Google

Dubai, 13 November 2014. As mobile penetration rates approach 200% in the region, the adoption of the medium by publishers and advertisers will also grow over the coming years. This reflects the role these ubiquitous devices play in targeting consumers ever more precisely. Following its recent study of the usage of mobile devices in the region and the opportunities they present, Integral-OMG, the research arm of Omnicom Media Group MENA, partnered with specialist digital marketing agency Resolution and Google to produce a comprehensive mobile white paper, ‘Upward Mobility: Reflecting on the Growth of Mobile in MENA’.

The usage of mobile devices continues to surge at exponential rates. Integral-OMG’s research shows that an average smartphone user in the region currently spends upwards of four hours on these devices. Google reports that consumers in the UAE have an average of three Internet-enabled devices and that mobile accounts for 50% of YouTube viewership in Saudi Arabia. It is therefore no surprise that mobile today is more than just a device or a channel – it’s essentially becoming a habit and one that allows marketers to reach their target consumers in a more effective way. More and more, advertisers regard it as a valuable medium and plan to increase their investments in it. By 2020, Omnicom Media Group estimates that 58% of all digital investments in the region will be on mobile.

‘Upward Mobility’ provides further insights on consumer behavior around the device, the emergence of the second screen in television consumption and the rise of mobile transactions in the region. While there is a lag, both globally and regionally, between users’ adoption of the medium and that of advertisers and publishers, this gap is being bridged over time. The paper outlines what changes need to take place for all parties to realize the full potential of this ubiquitous platform.

“Our latest white paper takes a closer look at the state of mobile in the region and analyzes the implications on the communications industry,” says Ziad Skaff, Regional Executive Director – Research and Insights at Omnicom Media Group MENA. “It not only goes beyond the top-line penetration and usage figures, but also explores the behaviors of users, advertisers and publishers. Mobile devices will continue to transform the way we target and communicate with consumers. In order to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the media, the mindset of the industry has to similarly evolve.”

Wassim Kabbara, Head of E-commerce, Retail and Local at Google MENA, said: “The region has one of the highest number of smartphone users in the world. With more than half of search queries and YouTube views coming from mobile, and 90% of users who are online daily on their devices, the opportunities are endless. One of our top priorities in MENA is to help businesses become mobile leaders in their own right, offer best practices and help them innovate through this medium beyond just advertising.”

Smartphone Users Spend Twice as much Time on their Phones than on TV

‘Upward Mobility’ is the latest in a series of white papers that are published by Omnicom Media Group MENA.

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About Resolution MENA:
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Resolution leverages the power of technology, data and the agility of real-time media marketplaces to target empowered consumers today and how they will change tomorrow. Resolution helps brands better understand consumer behaviors, interests, and intent, and turn these insights into actions through a unique suite of solutions. Resolution was incorporated in MENA in January 2013 through the integration of Omnicom Media Group’s performance marketing specialist teams and services in the Middle East. It is headquartered in Dubai and employs over 50 digital marketing experts.

About Omnicom Media Group MENA:
Omnicom Media Group MENA is the holding of OMD, PHD, Integral and Resolution in the Middle East. Omnicom Media Group is the media services division of Omnicom Group, Inc. (NYSE: OMC). Omnicom is a leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company. Omnicom’s branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide advertising, strategic media planning and buying, direct and promotional marketing, public relations and other specialty communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries. Omnicom Media Group also includes a number of specialty media communications companies.

Smartphone Users Spend Twice as much Time on their Phones than on TV

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