Snapchat rolls out Shoppable AR lens for advertisers

  • Allows users to take action directly from the camera to learn more, interact, & buy
  • Gives brands a way to extend AR interaction with detailed product or brand info

Dubai, UAE – April 19, 2018: Today Snapchat is introducing Shoppable AR — an enhanced type of Snapchat Lens that lets users take action directly from the camera to learn more, interact further, and even buy something. Lens enhancement gives brands a way to extend AR interaction beyond the camera, where it can be hard to fit in detailed product or brand info.

Specifically, advertisers have the option to add a button to their Lens that users can tap to:

visit a website (to learn about or buy a product), long form video (to watch a trailer) or the app store (to install or re-open an app), all while staying within the app. 70 million people play with Lenses in the Snapchat camera each day, and the button is highly visible for any user playing with a Shoppable AR Lens.

Four brands are launching Shoppable AR Lenses

  • Clairol (Coty) (AR beauty product trial for Color Crave + website)
  • Adidas (AR experience for Deerupt Runner Shoe + website)
  • King (AR Candy Crush experience + app install)
  • STX Entertainment (AR Amy Schumer ‘I Feel Pretty’ Lens + film trailer video)

Snap leadership in Augmented Reality

AR is growing as a medium. BCG reports 1 in 3 smartphone users in the US now play with AR every month.

Snapchat has grown into the leading platform for AR scale, as the app opens to an AR-enabled camera rather than a content feed. The 70 million people that play with Lenses every day average 3 minutes of play time each, which adds up to 500 years of daily play time on the app. In fact, Snapchatters share 250 million Snaps with AR every day.

From puppy and vomiting rainbow Face Lenses (puppy face, vomiting rainbow etc.) to the dancing hot dog and Stranger Things portal World Lenses, Snapchat has driven mainstream awareness for the medium both for consumers and in the marketing world. Lenses are among the most engaging digital ad units in the market, as users voluntarily play with branded AR experiences for an average of 10-15 seconds. Full ROI data below.

And stepping back, third-party studies say Snapchat remains the #1 most popular app with U.S. teens: Piper Jaffray’s Teens Survey [infographic] claims 83% of U.S. teens open Snapchat monthly, while 82% of teens are monthly active Instagram users. However, 45% of those surveyed said Snapchat is their favorite social platform, compared with the 26% who said Instagram was their favorite.

On Record Statement from Peter Sellis, Director of Revenue Product: “Shoppable AR Lenses give brands a new way to leverage our unique scale — more than half of the 13-34-year-old population of the US plays with our AR Lenses each week on average — to drive real and measurable ROI, whether that’s through sales, downloads, lead gen, or video views.”

‘Shoppable AR’ Options

Website – the most “shoppable” capability, this gives users a tappable button to view an instantly loaded web page. Created for retailers and e-commerce companies to use an AR Lens to drive traffic to a product page, sign-up form etc.

  • Our launch partners are Clairol (owned by Coty) (AR beauty product trial for Color Crave + website) and adidas (AR experience for Deerupt Runner Shoe + website)

Video – combines an immersive AR experience with a long-form narrative in a simple tappable package. Full-length game or film trailers, short films, how-tos or behind-the-scenes footage, advertisers can add a video up to 1GB in size.

  • Our launch partner is STX Entertainment (AR Amy Schumer ‘I Feel Pretty’ Lens + film trailer video)

Install – turn a gamified AR Lens ad into a DR unit with a button to drive app installs or re-engagement (opens the app if the user already has it downloaded).

  • Our launch partner is King (AR Candy Crush experience + app install)

Can Snapchat AR Lenses drive ROI or sales?

As a highly engaging ad unit, third-party data now shows Lenses can drive sales (even before introducing the Shoppable AR capability today):

  • Across 22 CPG campaigns with Lenses, the average sales lift was 10%, as measured by Nielsen Catalina.
  • Lenses drove a $14.76 ROAS in the movie theatrical release category, and Lenses and Filters drove a $26.59 ROAS in the retail apparel category, per Neustar.
  • On average, campaigns with Lenses drive a 19 point lift in ad awareness and 7 point lift in brand awareness, per Nielsen in-app polling.
  • Movies that advertise on Snapchat with Lenses are 34% more likely to be moviegoers’ “first choice” in theaters on the opening weekend, a metric that is highly correlated to Opening Weekend Box Office, as measured by National Research Group.
  • Across campaigns with Lenses, the average behavioral visitation lift for Retail campaigns was 4.9%, while that for Restaurants campaigns was 2.7%, measured by Placed.

Pricing & measurement for Shoppable AR:

Price: Adding a ‘Shoppable AR’ attachment to a Lens does not increase the price. Snapchat Lenses have become far less expensive since late 2017. There are three ways to pay and distribute:

  1. Advertisers can use Snapchat’s self-serve tools to bid on Snap Ads where users can ‘Swipe Up to Try’ – redirecting users to the camera to play with a Face or World Lens for as little as $100 per day (available since November; example)
  2. Advertisers can pay for an audience-targeted Lens reaching users directly in our camera (home screen) for as little as $40,000 with an agreed upon CPM (about targeting)
  3. Advertisers can pay a flat fee to be the first position Lens in our camera for a day, reaching max users without the targeting above

Measurement: Lens campaigns now receive the same full funnel measurement available for other ad products, including resonance solutions such as Nielsen In-App Polling, and reaction solutions such as Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud (Datalogix), Placed among many others.

  • As of today, we now offer DR attribution for Lens campaigns, including App Install attribution measurement and Snap Pixel attribution.

Snapchat rolls out Shoppable AR lens for advertisers

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