Ever since the Al Wasl club announced him as new head coach of the team, earlier this year, ‘Dubai’s new little skyscraper’ (The National), Diego Maradona, has frequently made the news and people all around the world have turned to social media to disscuss the undoubtedly high expectations from the football legend.

Twitter user algergawi argued: ”It would be a shame if they didn’t score a title now that Maradona joins Dubai’s al wasl as head coach.” Many others have questioned the ability of “El Maradona”, who lost his last big match against Germany at the FIFA World Cup with 4 – 0.

Users now, are not only interested in the championship, but also in the legend’s livelihood in this part of the world. In the recent weeks, Maradona’s life in the Middle East has generated a high level of buzz online.

SocialEyez decided to take a look at user reactions with regards to Maradona’s status in the Social Media world and gauge whether the community approves of his new title – ‘Dubai’s new little skyscraper’.

Share of Voice

52% of the comments were posted on Microblogs followed by 21% of posts on Message Boards/Forums. There were fewer comments on other forms of Social Media like Blogs and Social Networking Sites.

Map Overlay

The world map below demonsrates Diego Maradona’s fame around the world. People in nearly every country have discussed his new position on social media platforms. People within the UAE, Egypt, India, Canada, US, Canada and the UK seem to be especially interested in this issue.

Tone of Content

Although the most comments were neutral in nature, there were however more positive feedbacks than negative ones. 28% of the users expressed a positive reaction with regard to having a celebrity coach the UAE League whereas 18% of the users disagreed.

Social Media Conversations (Samples)

■“Al Wasl is trending in Argentina! Thank you Mariano Donda. Thank you Diego #Maradona. Thank you #Argentina!”
■“Maradona’s going to go down well in the Gulf. Was officially presented w a headscarf by Al-Wasl today, & shouted ‘Viva Palestina!’”
■“Maradona shows he still knows how to dive: New Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona still has all the old tricks …”
■“They should support Maradona’s Al Wasl now we’re in UAE”
■“Seeing Diego so close was a dream, thank you #AlWasl for making it come true.”
■“From now on I’ll be a fan of Al Wasl club since you have hired THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER OF ALL TIMES: DIEGO MARADONA. Thank you and good luck.”

■“A journalist’s-eye view of the Al Wasl media conference for Maradona’s new stars”
■“ For those wondering where will Diego Maradona stay while in Dubai, he will live in a villa in the artificial “Jumeirah Palm Island.”
■“Diego Maradona enjoying Dubai life: Al Wasl’s new boss Diego Maradona is clearly settling into life”
■“100′s of fans waiting for Maradona and the players to start the training session at al wasl club”
■“Diego Maradona needs two more signings to have a squad capable of fighting for the UAE title”
■“Al Wasl have confirmed Diego Maradona will earn $34.5 million for two years as coach.”

■“Do you think Maradona is the right man for the job as Al Wasl lose their first match”
■“Instead of focusing on Maradona and boasting about it, pay attention to the team and its performance and cut the bullshit.”
■“maradona is a clown”
■“Its a pure financial reason – not promoting sport in the region”
■“Al Wasl’s appointment of Diego Maradona is for the wrong reasons”


Diego Maradona is one of the greatest football players of all time and is known for winning the 1986 FIFA World Cup with Argentina. In his career as manager of football teams, his first big station was the national team of Argentina and since May 2011 he is the manager of Al Wasl, a team competing in the UAE Pro-League.

It is only the fourth professional season in the UAE and many teams are trying to appoint famous football players like David Trezeguet or Grafite and illustrious coaches like the Italian Walter Zenga, the Austrian Josef Hickersberger or the Belgian Franky Vercauteren. Now Al Wasl hopes success to follow with the international star Diego Maradona.

Scope Note:

This Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various social media platforms. The search was conducted on all social media platforms in Arabic and English. The focus of the research was on global social media conversations and social media trends reflect the sentiment towards Diego Maradona as coach of Al Wasl. For more details write to us at news@social-eyez.com.

SocialEyez Buzz Report: Diego Maradona divides the Social Web

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