Knockbook, the Kuwait-based online advertising firm, is proud to announce its participation in the Arabian Social Media Conference and Exhibition in Kuwait as the online and digital sponsor.

Taking place for the first time in Kuwait over the 9th and 10th of May at the Radisson Blue hotel, under the patronage of H.E Mr. Salim Alozainah, Minister of Communication, the conference/exhibition is held with the aim to shed light on the importance of social media and the means of implementing it and maximizing its use within communication strategies and business performances.

Knockbooks participation stems from its aim to share its expertise and knowledge of the online digital industry, and the latest practices and developments being adopted by agencies and companies today. Knockbook is also taking the opportunity to introduce two of its latest additions and achievements; Socialobby, a specialized social media marketing services sister company and, the social website, which have both been recently launched in Kuwait.

Socialobby CEO and PR practitioner, Hind Al-Nahedh, speaks at the conference and emphasizes on the increasing and growing demand of digital media, the latest technology trends in Kuwait and their importance on different levels. Several workshops, the support of various speakers from around the world and major companies from the Gulf, contributed in raising awareness on the importance and value of utilizing online and social media as a main business element.

Al-Nahedh also promotes the vision of incorporating social lobbying and its benefits within an entity, while focusing on the importance of adopting these trends and the importance of keeping up with the ever changing market trends, demands and needs. Staying one step behind in the digital media world is like ten years in the conventional media world; therefore, keeping up with the latest developments and tools can only lead to the success any entity aspire to achieve.

“We do hope our presence in the market will facilitate the process of applying these imperative online practices and will support your business objectives whether through daily operations or an annual strategy,” Al Nehedh added.

It is worth mentioning that Socialobby’s social media marketing services include: social media integration (various channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others), online content strategy, reputation management and online PR, costume solutions, social media marketing campaigns, social media monitoring and reports, online surveys and social media events.

With the addition of Socialobby to its portfolio, Knockbook has set itself apart from other players in the industry. The company has brought all essential elements under one roof; online PR agency, social media agency and a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allowing itself to create engaging campaigns that combine all aspects needed for a modern day online strategy.

Knockbook participates in the Arabian Social Media Conference

Socialobby participates in Arabian Social Media Conference and Exhibition

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