StreetArt and Family to Children Showed the World through a Child’s Eyes

New PSA from StreetArt raised the problem of child abandonment. This is the second project the agency has created for Family to Children foundation. An anti-bullying campaign took place in the autumn of 2014 in Yekaterinburg.
Non-profit partnership Family to Children is a charitable organization that helps children and families that found themselves in a difficult situation. For more than 15 years the organization works to keep children in their original and adoptive families, to avoid them getting into shelters and children’s homes.

Today in Russia almost 70 thousand children are abandoned and find themselves in orphanages. For the little human it’s always a terrible drama, a psychological trauma that often can break his life. More often than not such situations can be avoided if experienced psychologists and specialists are contacted.

Charitable organization Family to Children actively works with unprivileged families and parents, experiencing difficulties, and also with adoptive parents and guardians. Child abandonment prevention and adoptive parents support program was established many years ago. There are training sessions for parents, psychological consulting, and individual appointments. It’s crucial that people, who can still be helped, become aware of this.

“It was important for us to sustain the right message, to avoid moralizing, blaming, looking down upon people in need. Not to brand, but to help. When working on this project, we tried to make it so that parents, that doubt their own strength, would reflect on unrecoverable consequences of decisions that are made in the moment of weakness, during the difficult times.

Above all is understanding how important they are for the child. And, that there are people who can help, be it with action or advice,” says the creators of the PSA.

The video is broadcasted on Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovskaya Oblast’ channels, as well as on MAER GROUP’s first media façade in Ural-Siberian region.

“We believe that speaking of sensitive social issues in today’s society is a very good and important task,” comments Konstantin Maer, the owner of MAER GROUP media holding. “The question is how to make it clear and effective. StreetArt knows how it’s done, by the example of this wonderful video. This is why we decided to support the project by broadcasting it on our screens.”

StreetArt and Family to Children Showed the World through a Child’s Eyes

Director of charitable fund Family to Children — Larisa Buchelnikova
Public relations specialist — Tatiana Berezina
Direction by Mikhail Kolokolov
CGI by Mikhail Kolokolov
Copywrighting by Leonid Vyatkin
Art direction by Andrey Kolokolov
Creative direction by Alexander Parkhomenko
Project management by Sergey Malakhov

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