The Key Producers Insight is the new report of Eurodata TV Worldwide which analyses the positioning of producers in TV channels’ strategies across seven territories: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Lorène Nowicki, Media Consultant, notes that “television production companies are under pressure to go global whilst at the same time dealing with strong local market particularities.”

Local scripted series producers compete with the main US studios

US productions still represent a large part of the scripted shows broadcast in all the territories studied, such as in the Netherlands where they account for 75% of the scripted series programming throughout access and prime time. However, in some countries local players manage to compete with the US studios, such as in the United Kingdom where ITV Studios airs almost twice as many productions compared to its main challenger, Warner Bros (1142 hours vs. 670 hours), thanks to its large catalogue including successful soap operas like Emmerdale and long-running dramas such as Heartbeat. Local scripted production companies such as Grundy UFA in Germany, Telfrance in France, RAI in Italy and Globomedia in Spain manage to rank themselves among the five best performing producers in terms of the number of hours of programs broadcast.

Public groups are key producers for their own channels

In Europe, public groups are very involved in television production. In Germany, ARD and ZDF as well as the BBC group in the United Kingdom, produce more than 60% of the scripted series broadcast on their channels. Regarding unscripted entertainment shows (including reality shows, game shows, chat shows…), RAI group in Italy provides more than 60% of the programs aired in access and in prime time.
In the Netherlands, the public group NPO also broadcast some of its own shows but in a smaller volume, its productions mainly covering news, sport, cultural and children’s programming.

France stands out as the exception, where France Televisions productions represent less than 10% of the total volume broadcast in the access prime time slot, either in scripted or in unscripted programs, due to the local regulation rules promoting external productions.

Unscripted shows: which are the dark horses?

Endemol and FremantleMedia dominate the unscripted production across the seven territories studied with respectively 9.3% (2965 hours) and 8.5% (2722 hours) of the total volume of programs broadcast during access and prime time. Their closest competitor Zodiak Media follows with 5.1% of the volume of programming. Endemol’s productions are most numerous in its home country, the Netherlands, as well as in Spain, while FremantleMedia’s are the most scheduled in France.

Despite this, the main entertainment producers still have markets to conquer: for instance, Germany where the independent producer Fandango Films outperforms all the other competitors with reality programs such as Die jungen Ärzte (The Young Doctors).
Some markets favour the diversity of producers, such as in France where more than 100 producers are involved in unscripted production, contrary to Italy and Spain where this number falls to around 30 producers, whilst 10 main production groups are involved exclusively in more than 85% of the programming.

Top producer of unscripted shows by country

Country Producer
France FremantleMedia
Germany Fandango Film
Italy Mediaset
Netherlands Endemol
Spain Endemol
United Kingdom ITV Studios
USA – Networks NBC Universal Television Studio

Period: January-December 2012 – By cumulated number of hours in access & prime timeUnited

Internet, a new market to conquer?

In a media landscape which is undergoing significant changes, producers now have to contend with Internet actors Hulu, Netflix and even Amazon who are creating online TV-related content and are now developing original formats. As an example, Netflix has launched the series House of Cards in February and Hemlock Grove on April 19th.

Nevertheless these new players can also offer TV producers a different way to broadcast their content. Google’s Youtube is thus pioneering content thanks to its initiative Youtube Original Channels, broadcasting programs on its “channels” created by companies such as Zodiak, All3Media, BBC Worldwide, Shine, Endemol and FremantleMedia. Simon Cowell’s Syco TV, the production company behind Got Talent and The X Factor, is producing one of the latest Youtube channels: The You Generation, dedicated to a talent quest covering 26 countries.

Eurodata TV Worldwide’s Key Producers Insight covers the period January – December 2012 across the main channels of seven territories: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA. This report identifies the producers’ positioning in TV channels’ strategies across unscripted entertainment shows and scripted series, and highlights the best performing formats as well as the key production companies.

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Television producers: Fierce competition in a worldwide stage

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