Does creativity really work? This is an interesting project by Y&R in Australia, basically they bought a bike from eBay, then listed it once again on eBay and managed to sell it for 5 times the prices they paid to purchase it! You can Google the name of the project: Ebay wicked sick BMX, to read more about it!

The Ebay wicked sick BMX Project by Y&R

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  • Ricc Webb

    I’d just like to say that regardless of whether or not this is creativity, legitimate or awesome…which it is…I can vouch that it works.

    I tried selling my car with a very basic post to Twitter “VW polo for sale R109’000”…then I remembered the wicked sick BMX project and decided to re-write my ad a little differently. You can read the post here (
    Basically, within 30min of putting up the “new/awesome” story, I managed to sell my car, after having no responses at all during the first week of having the original story up.

    Thanks guys, your inspiration helped me get rid of the only thing keeping me back from leaving South Africa.

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