Established in 1991, The Fantastic Film Factory is one of the leading Production Houses in the region, offering Film Production Services, Production, and Postproduction; creating everything from Feature Films, TV Commercials to Documentaries and TV Identities.

Our producers have inside knowledge and hands-on experience of filming all over the Levant, Arabia, North Africa and Europe and bring a wealth of talent and experience to our projects, providing a smooth running professional shoot.

With a quality of service second to none, we offer beautiful and diverse locations; state-of–the-art camera, light and professional crew packages; European, Arab and Mediterranean looking cast; art direction; hospitality; language assistance; and logistics. We are also specialized in filming for animation and special effects.

Logistically, it is easy to shoot in the region due to the availability of professional crew and craftsmen, an abundance of budget and five-star hotels, restaurants, buzzing nightlife, excellent climate and long shooting days.

Our productions include films with complex special effects, 2D animated films, cartoon animation, 3D animation and image compositing. In other words: full production services and, at very competitive rates! Our many skills are merged to perfect the Factory’s output, thereby allowing the unprecedented intersection of the latest talent and technologies in the sector. With a renowned reputation for professional service, we have established solid working relationships with major Advertising Agencies and Multinationals.

Our success is mainly attributed to the human resource skills of the company, which include some of the best highly trained, talented, and experienced people in the business; in whom we continuously invest in to maintain their edge. Our offices cover the Middle East, North Africa, Arabia and the Emirates, with main offices in Beirut, and branches in Cairo, Algiers, Dubai and Qatar.

4th Floor, Salem Center
Horsh Tabet, Sin El Fil, Beirut
t/f: +961 1 512 515

El Alia N? 9 A Street
Bouzareah, Algiers
t/f: +213 21 941 474

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al Abbad Jarir Center, Jarrir St. Mallaz
Riyadh 11514
t/f: +966 1 206 4955

United Arab Emirates
Dubai Investment Park
Warehouse 3, Dubai
t/f: +971 4 885 3441


The Fantastic Film Factory

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