Have you ever met NAO the humanoid robot? Yesterday I did! During an event that was held yesterday at the Place Hotel in Dubai, Aldebaran Robotics and in partnership with Intel showcased the NAO robot and reveled the capabilities of this futuristic invention, the robot as you will see in the video can talk, walk, sit, dance, play music and interact with humans.

Aldebaran team demonstrated the process of defining a behavior to controls the robot using a special software, you just need to use your imagination to bring this 22-inch tall humanoid robot to life! The behavior consists of several actions that define how will the robot interact with the surrounding environment and what the steps he should be taking next based on the inputs from this environment.

In this video you will enjoy a performance by a group pf NAOs then you will listen to the robot introducing himself before dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, also in the video are some of the things the NAO can do:

Last year Intel invested in Aldebaran Robotics, which estimates the value of the robotic industry in 2010 was $20 Billion, including the industrial robots. The company has produced 1100 robots since 2008 with the current monthly production rate is at 100 robots, these robots are used for research around the world, including 5 robots here in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute. One robot costs $15,000 and can work for an hour before the battery goes empty, it can’t run or jump yet but it can sense the edges of a table or the stairs, and in case it fell down it can stand up again. Read more about the Robot NAO.

Such an amazing invention and we are looking for more in the near future!

The Future is NAO!

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