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London, 11 February 2016 – The Gunn Report for Media, the global evaluation of media creativity, innovation and effectiveness, has today released its 2015 Media Report, summarising the overall media performance in the year January to December 2015 based on the results of the most important global, regional and national Media creative award contests spanning 42 markets.

Highlights from the 2015 Gunn Report for Media include:

Most Awarded Media Agency Networks in the World 2015
2 Starcom MediaVest
3 Mindshare
5 Mediacom

Most Awarded Advertisers in Media in the World 2015
1 Coca-Cola
2 Samsung
3 McDonald’s
4 Vodafone
5 Ikea
6 Heineken

Most Awarded Countries in Media 2015
2 United Kingdom
3 India
4 Australia
5 Hong Kong

Outstanding Campaigns in Media 2015
Always, ‘#LikeAGirl’, Starcom MediaVest Group, Chicago
Johnnie Walker, ‘Keep The Flame Alive’, Starcom MediaVest Group, Beirut
Newcastle Brown Ale, ‘Band Of Brands’, Starcom MediaVest Group, New York
No Somos Delito (We Are Not Crime), ‘Holograms For Freedom’, DDB Spain, Madrid
OPSM, ‘Penny The Pirate’, OMD Australia, Sydney
Oreo, ‘The Oreo Eclipse’, PHD, London
Vodafone, Red Light Application ‘Between Us’, Mindshare Turkey, Istanbul
ZDK Exit Deutschland, ‘Nazis Against Nazis – Germany’s Most Involuntary Charity Walk’, GGH Lowe / Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg

Journalist Isabelle Musnik, editor of The Gunn Report for Media, says, “The Gunn Report for Media 2015 proves that more than ever media innovation and creativity are key to brand success. Creativity and media are not mutually exclusive or even in competition – they interact with each other. While technology and data are fundamental to achieving results, it is insight, strategy and ideas that are essential to delivering them.”

Isabelle added, “Media creativity is an effective and universal tool for brands to speak to consumers and to attain a brand’s objectives by standing out in a crowded field of competitors. They have to blend technology, media and content to create a live brand experience that is easily accessible.”

The Gunn Report for Media 2015, which includes ranking tables and analysis, is now available to view in full online at

The Gunn Report Book and Showreel of the Year 2015 DVD will be available in mid-March and will include The Gunn Report for Media 2015.

The Gunn Report for Media 2015 Revealed: OMD Agency Network of the Year

About The Gunn Report for Media – The global index in Media creative excellence
First published in 2004, The Gunn Report for Media is the global report on media creativity, innovation and effectiveness that identifies the most awarded media work in the world and its creators. It combines the winners’ lists from the world’s most important Global, Regional and National media awards in 42 markets, to establish the annual worldwide league tables and analysis for the global Media industry. Every media award show taken into account for the Report features all media channels: TV, cinema, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, special events/stunts, internet, mixed media and sponsorship. The Gunn Report for Media is available by subscription, online and as a book.

About Isabelle Musnik
As well as editor of The Gunn Report for Media, Isabelle Musnik is the chairwoman, founder and editor of the French leading magazine INfluencia and its daily electric newsletter, dedicated to influence,
behaviour innovation and trends in France and abroad
She is a former editor of the French magazine CB News and also worked from time to time for its television programme Culture Pub, prior to which Isabelle worked for the economics and financial press including La Vie Financière/La Vie Française and l’Expansion.

About The Gunn Report – The Global index on creative excellence in advertising
The Gunn Report identifies the most awarded and applauded work in the world each year and its creators. It combines the winners’ lists from 45 of the world’s most important awards – Global, Regional and National – to establish the annual worldwide league tables for the global Advertising industry. The Gunn Report Online is an unprecedented resource for people working in Advertising, Communications and Marketing bringing together 17-years-worth of information, data and intelligence through its databank tables, commentaries, uniquely searchable and viewable ad libraries, valuable programmes for education and training, proprietary research studies, signature features and special archives. Additionally Gunn TV features the best commercials of all-time dating back to 1962. “All of it stuff you won’t find anywhere else”, says Donald Gunn.

The Gunn Report is available, by subscription, online and as a book with a showreel.

The Gunn Report for Media 2015 Revealed: OMD Agency Network of the Year

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