Meet the Pedestrian Ghost, an interesting project by JWT Ukraine aims at speeding drivers and the possibility to hit and kill pedestrians, the idea was to inflate a ballon in the shape of a human in front of speeding drivers, it’s a good execution, not sure if it caused some car accidents when drivers reacted to it, that would of been an expensive lesson.

The other this that I don’t understand is that why do these agencies inflate their numbers, I guess it’s all about awards, in the case study below they show the view counter of the YouTube video, that “some random driver” uploaded, increasing to exceed 200,000 views while in reality it’s less than 100,000 views! Anyway, good work!


Creative Director: Vladislava Denis
Art Director: Denys Savchenko
Copywriter: Anna Geraskina
Producer: Natalya Pavlova
Managing director: Olga Lanovyk
Director of photography: Stas Bespolit
Announcer: Jon Poser

Executive Producer: Alexander Cherniavsky
Producer: Boris Kirichek
Model maker: Valeriy Pritihenko

Kiev Postproduction
General Producer: Sergey Kolesnik
Producer: Vladimir Piven
Sound Producer: Vladimir Chikish
Music Composer: Anton Denisov
Sound Mixer: Sergey Parigin
Designer: Artyom Ryabokon

Digital support:
Alexander Mozhaev
Yuriy Shyshkovsky
Sergey Taranenko

Thanks to: Volodymyr Voyt, Beastie Boys

The Pedestrian Ghost

The Pedestrian Ghost

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