The PODZEMKA User Generated Campaign

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Here is another cool campaign from Russia, PODZEMKA needed to promote itself to collage students, but to do that they need an idea to over come to collage ban over bars advertising, so the idea was to have students create and star in the ad.

Watch the case study:

Advertised brand: PODZEMKA Club & Bar
Advert title: You are too young to stay away
Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Agency website:
Creative Director: Danil Golovanov, Nikita Harisov
Art Director: Julia Uzkih
Copywriter: Ivan Sosnin, Artem Zverev
Photographer: Users Generation, Tima Baldin
Account manager: Daria Lunegova
Production: Evgeny Kharchenko, Kate Bamby
Additional credits: Evgeniy Keksin
Published: 11.13
Music: DJ Oguretz – Let The Music Fuck You

The PODZEMKA User Generated Campaign

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